Welcome to Christina Rojer shoes and Rojer Zalazar men shoes and meet the designers/creators:
Christina Sarioglou & Rojer Zalazar, she is from Greece and he is from Argentina, fate brought them together but their passion for tango gave them the inspiration to start with a new project to create their own SHOES.

Combining talent, an eye for detail and excellency they worked really hard to achieve their dream

Took them more than 4 years learning the process, finding the best materials and developing the product.

The best materials and the top shoe makers in the worldwide industry found in Italy which they spend a great part of their learning process, all the materials that they are using are 100% Italians, 100% leather and used only by the best in the industry,slight imperfection in leather are entirely normal for the type of natural leather we use, Please take care and avoid rain direct contact with heat, oil, alcohol as we do not assume responsibility for the eventual deterioration.

Every material of the shoe is designed by them and specifically made for them in Italy.

They carefully designed the shoe last & the heel, that makes the product so unique providing perfectly balanced shoes, the curve in the insole of the shoes makes the shoes look more adapted and more elegant, bringing up the curve on your foot!

because every small detail makes the difference

The designs are exclusively made by Christina & Rojer, a perfect handcrafted luxurious pair of shoes that every woman should own, for any occasion!

We are also offering the soles in Suede leather more preferred by professional dancers!

Shoes that made from dancer to meet all the needs of the dancers

Based in Greece our atelier is equipped with fully skilful shoe makers with a total dedication to the product from start to finish! Handcrafted shoes means that every single pair of shoes has a small part of the soul of the creator they are made with total dedication and love!

All the designs are registered.

Our Vision


Creating a young, innovating, luxurious and stylish product that will be loved and adored by every woman!

Our story..